From Grades to Learning Outcomes

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Comprehensive Outcomes-based Assessment


Build rubrics in a few minutes with over half a million samples, grade with just a few clicks, let iRubric do the complex calculations, and share rubrics with others in your institutional gallery.


An outcomes repository at your disposal to manage accreditation, institutional, program and course level outcomes.


Quickly review performance at course, program, and institutional levels. Align rubrics with learning outcomes and pull reports by outcome.

Clarity in Grades

Clear directions and expectations

Higher student satisfaction

Less student grade challenges

Less work on faculty, less explanation, less justification

Analyze performance at course, program and institutional levels

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Why iRubric?

Why iRubric?

  • Build simple to advanced rubrics
  • Largest gallery in the world
  • Built-in outcomes and curriculum mappings
  • Data analysis and aggregation
  • Course, program and institutional reports
  • No LTI – Native integration
  • No patches. Easy installation
  • And it’s award-winning
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Elevate your Students' Learning

Communicate Expectations

Communicate Strengths & Weaknesses

Build their Skills

Turn Sakai into a CBE

With our new Student Competency Dashboard, your students can monitor their outcomes-based progress for each program, learn where their skillsets are, and where their gaps in skillsets are.

Monitor Competencies

Take the right courses

Manage your Degree

Better than LTI

Better than LTI

While iRubric supports LTI, our native integration with Sakai makes it even more seamless as both instructors and students get ready access to rubrics for grading, viewing grades, reports and more.

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