RCampus Small School Edition

LMS & ePortfolios For Small Schools and Universities

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RCampus Learning Technologies


Easy to use Learning management system (LMS) for all levels. Deliver classes online or use RCampus as an add-on to your face-face courses.


Give your student a gift of a website to showcase their work, their talent, and their interests. Users can build multiple ePortfolios for different audiences.


Use the most sophisticated rubric assessment system with the largest gallery of rubrics in the world.

Perfect for small and startup schools

Perfect for small and startup schools

Use RCampus Small School Edition for:

K-12 and Higher Education

Individual departments & Programs

Training & Trade Schools

Startup Schools

Faith-based Schools


and more…

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No Contract

We understand funding challenges at small schools. You are not bound to any contract and can leave at the end of your subscription.

Pay as You Grow

You may have a plan to grow from zero to thousands of students in the next year, but why risk the assumption and pay for a system to cover your future needs. Start small, keep growing, and pay as you go. Shrinking is okay too. You can adjust the plan as your needs change.

Flexible Payment

With RCampus Small School Edition, you have the choice of paying Monthly so you don't have a big bill up front, or paying Annually and get a big discount.

Whether you have an established small school or university, or have just started one, you know that a dedicated LMS and ePortfolio instance is of high cost per user for small installations. The RCampus Small School Edition was designed to bring you the necessary tools at an affordable cost to help your school succeed, present an established look, and grow without paying more for what you use.

Free from IT work

Easy Setup

Subscribe and start using right away. No need to wait for us to install or setup. It’s fully self-service, just sign up and start using.

Better Than Open Source

We love open-source, because we're techies. With RCampus, there's no need for installation, no server management, no complicated upgrades, just peace-of-mind.

Built-in Website

Your instance of RCampus also includes a website with tools like calendar, discussion board, secure as well as public web pages, and more.

Impress, Look Established, Be Established

Building and managing a small school on a limited budget is not an easy feat. Make your online tools reflect your hard work. It’s all about quality. Give students and teachers access to a high-end environment at a fraction of the cost.

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Never Too Small

You don’t have to be a big player to afford an LMS and ePortfolio system. RCampus Small School tools are the same, high quality, ready-to-use as our Personal and Enterprise Editions. We’ve provided equitable access to education technologies to millions of individuals, and are continuing our mission to provide it to small educational institutions.

Never Too Small