RCampus Matrix

Track Competencies Your Way

Guided framework, Organized evidence, Structured assessments

About RCampus Matrix


RCampus Matrix helps you organize, collect, assess, and analyze competencies at any level.  It is also a long term repository of artifact and assessments for accreditation reviews. RCampus Matrix can also be used as structured student and faculty ePortfolios, where faculty can upload their bio, CV, research, sample work, etc.


Whether you are in IE/IR, and academic administrator, or faculty member, RCampus Matrix helps you collect submissions, assess them, and analyze the results in accordance with learning outcomes and competencies.


Tracking artifacts and measuring and analyzing learning outcomes at various levels is more efficient and organized than ever with the RCampus Matrix System. Vast amounts of submissions and assessment data are automatically aggregated in an intuitive structure to provide administrators with efficient access to summary and detailed data over courses, programs and the institution.

Guided Collection of Artifacts

With the visually organized structure of the Matrix, students know exactly where to submit their work and reviewers know exactly where to find it. Over time, students are guided by the inherent structure of the Matrix to complete their work.

Integrated iRubric Assessments

RCampus Matrix utilizes our award-winning iRubric Assessment System so reviewers can easily review student work and conduct authentic rubric assessments, all within the same environment where student artifacts are collected and organized.

Key Data at Your Fingertips

The intuitive report generation and clear data visualization helps you analyze real-time data in a clear and easy-to-understand format, even if you don’t like numbers.

Meaningful Data
Reports and visualizations with “meaningfulness” in mind.

1-Click Reports

Generate reports easily and without a multi-step complicated process.

Share Results

All report data are easy to export in multiple formats and download to use in other systems.

Data Longevity

Data never expires, giving you access to historical records at any time.

Awesome Support

Our support has been constantly commended for its fast response time, best response quality, and highest level of satisfaction.

In addition, we provide Success Packages where we do the work for you, a high-productivity service especially if you need additional man-power that does it faster, better, and error-free.

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Flexible Licensing

RCampus offers multiple options including SaaS/Cloud, on-premise, and fully-managed and hosted virtual dedicated instances.

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RCampus Matrix is:

club Organized

RCampus Matrix keeps all of the evidence, artifacts, and assessments in one place so every stakeholder is on the same page.


club Structured

The structured workflow of RCampus Matrix makes it easy for users to complete the task at hand, efficiently and effectively.


club Guided

With multiple areas for instructions, guidelines, standards, and resources, there’s no confusion about what to submit and where to submit it.


club General-Purpose

RCampus Matrices can be completely customized so you can collect work and complete authentic assessments for a variety of purposes including program assessments, proposal evaluations, and student outcomes assessment, just to name a few.


club Meaningful Reflection

With built-in self-assessments, users can reflect on a breadth of their work, objectively assess it with rubrics,  and provide honest feedback for improvement.


How RCampus Matrix Works:

1. Build

Build a custom matrix layout with as many submission areas as you need. Keep it simple with a single row or column, or make it multilayered for more intensive processes.


2. Collect

Documents and artifacts can be uploaded directly from your PC, or created using our built-in editing tools.


3. Assess

Assessors can easily view a collection of work and instantly complete rubric assessments that are fully aligned with standards and outcomes.


4. Report

Assessment data is automatically aggregated in matrices to provide administrators with efficient access to summary and detailed data over courses, departments and programs.