RCampus Analytics & Reports

Outcomes and competency reports
that make sense!

Generate institutional, program-level, course-level, and individual-student reports with ease.  

Reports for All Levels

For Administrators

Administrators can generate aggregated and disaggregated outcomes and competency reports across courses, programs, and institutionally in alignment with internal and external standards.

For Faculty

Faculty members can generate course and assignment level aggregated reports with a single click, quickly identifying the areas of strengths and weakness, for both students and their courses.

For Students

Students can keep track of their progress on required and optional competencies for a given program.  They can further identify opportunities for other majors and certifications based on their competencies.

Course, Program, Institutional

Generate reports and analytics at multiple levels, from institutional down to individual assignment or individual student reports.

Aligned with Standards and Outcomes

Using a powerful, unique approach, any data element can be aligned with multiple standards and outcomes.


RCampus Reports are generated with real-time, live data, providing the most updated information.

Meaningful Data
Reports and visualizations with “meaningfulness” in mind.

1-Click Reports

Generate reports easily and without a multi-step complicated process.

Export Data

All report data are easy to export in multiple formats and download to use in other systems.

Data Longevity

Data never expires, giving you access to historical records at any time.

Awesome Support

Our support has been constantly commended for its fast response time, best response quality, and highest level of satisfaction.

In addition, we provide Success Packages where we do the work for you, a high-productivity service especially if you need additional man-power that does it faster, better, and error-free.

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