iRubric Rapid

iRubric Rapid

Fast, Easy, Crystal Clear

After years of leading the rubric assessment movement and helping institutions building a culture of competency-based assessments, iRubric continues to innovate.

Rapid Creation

Drag and drop artifacts into iRubric, and Rapid will take care of the rest.

Rapid Scoring

iRubric introduced the Click2Grade, and now you can score even faster.

Rapid Reporting

Reports are at your fingertips, and unlike any other platforms, with iRubric, you’ll find reporting to be intuitive.

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“iRubric reduced total time spent in our evaluation process by


iRubric Rapid is:


Users see exactly what they need to see. No clutter, no multi-step process, no extra clicks.


Our studies have shown that iRubric Rapid can reduce weeks of work to mere days.


iRubric Rapid saves you on licensing, deployment, training time, and time users spent in comparison to other systems.

Very little training

iRubric Rapid is so easy that you don’t have to train and re-train users to stay on top of it.

Crystal Clear Environment

iRubric is by far the most intuitive environment.  There are no extra pages, no confusing navigation, and no distracting tips.  Everything was carefully designed for the highest level of user experience.

What iRubric Rapid Does:

iRubric Rapid is an add-on assessment designed for secondary and independent assessment of student artifacts by a group of assessors ‘outside of the classroom.’  Unlike iRubric Gradebook which offers quick scoring with rubrics directly from the gradebook, the purpose of iRubric Rapid is to allow other assessors evaluate student learning outcomes based on institutional or program level rubrics.

How iRubric Rapid Works:

1. Build

Build rubrics and rubric-based assessments very quickly.

2. Upload

Drag and drop large number of student artifacts.  iRubric will build all necessary pieces and make it available to designated assessors.

3. Assess

Assessors can easily access student artifacts and grade them with a few simple clicks in a crystal clear environment.

Adopt iRubric Rapid for your Institution:

Licensing Options

iRubric offers all industry options including hosted cloud/SaaS, hosted virtual dedicated, hosted dedicated, and on-premise.  Learn more here.

Custom Pricing

We work very closely with institutions to offer the best pricing possible while maintaining the highest level of support and usage.  Learn more here.

Contact us:

Simply contact us here for a demo and pricing.