iRubric Rapid

Rapid Multi-Rater
and Juried Assessments

Click, click & you’re done!


Rapid Setup

Drag and drop documents and artifacts in bulk or in a zip file, assign evaluators, and you’re ready to go.

Rapid Evaluation

Raters can quickly review and score a large number of items online. Only a browser is required. 

Rapid Reporting

One-click intuitive report generation for easy to read, meantingful data and visualizations. 

About iRubric Rapid

How it works

iRubric Rapid is a part of the RCampus iRubric suite and is designed to help institutions and programs to easily assess a large number of documents by multiple raters.

Simply drag and drop multiple documents, assign a rubric and raters, and iRubric will automatically organize and streamline the entire assessment process.

Use cases

Use iRubric Rapid in any use case where a number of documents, artifacts or student submissions need to be assessed by multiple evaluators. Some examples are:

  • Secondary assessment of student work by internal and external assessors
  • Juried assessments
  • QEP assessments
  • Live performance by students (performing arts, presentations)
  • Contests and competitions
  • Evaluation of incoming applications
  • Dissertations and submitted thesis
  • and more…



Users see exactly what they need to see. No clutter, no multi-step process, no extra clicks.


Our studies have shown that iRubric Rapid can reduce weeks of work to mere days.


iRubric Rapid saves you on licensing, deployment, training time, and time users spent in comparison to other systems.

Very little training

iRubric Rapid is so easy that you don’t have to train and re-train users to stay on top of it.

Crystal Clear Environment

iRubric is by far the most intuitive environment.  There are no extra pages, no confusing navigation, and no distracting tips.  Everything was carefully designed for the highest level of user experience.

Easy Progress Monitoring

Assessment facilitators can easily monitor the progress of uploads and assessments in real-time, and notify raters.




iRubric Rapid is multi-rater and saves each raters evaluation separately, therefore enhancing the reliability of your assessments.

Blind Assessments

Assessment facilitators can easily turn an assessment into blind and double-blind assessments, limiting the bias.

Moderation / Consensus

iRubric Rapid has the option to enable consensus moderation after the initial assessments are completed.  This feature will result in a final verdict by moderators.

Elastic Rubrics™

With this unique feature, a rubric can be applied to multiple cycles and needs for assessing varying criteria, eliminating rubric duplication and enhancing management of rubrics.  As a result, reporting becomes more streamlined, efficient and less time-consuming.

Bulk Uploads

Adding documents and artifacts is a breeze. Simply drag/drop zip files or bulk documents, or connect Rapid to an assignment to import all student submissions.

Inter-Rater Reliability

Inter-Rater Reliability reports help fine-tune rubrics and train raters, resulting in highly reliable assessments.

AI-Enhanced Reports

Reporting with iRubric is easy, efficient, and in real-time.  AI enhancements will greatly improve and speed up your data analysis efforts and documentation of results.

Random Sampling

Automated random-sampling helps you sample a portion of the documents with ease, resulting in less work for raters and unbiased sampling.

LMS Integration

LMS integration not only adds single sign-on, but also improves the quality of your data, the link to students, and the ability to generate demographics reports with ease.  It also improves course-level assessments that can be incorporated into program-level and institutional reports.


Meaningful Data
Reports and visualizations with “meaningfulness” in mind.

1-Click Reports

Generate reports easily and without a multi-step complicated process.

Export Data

All report data are easy to export in multiple formats and download to use in other systems.

Data Longevity

Data never expires, giving you access to historical records at any time.

Awesome Support

Our support has been constantly commended for its fast response time, best response quality, and highest level of satisfaction.

In addition, we provide Success Packages where we do the work for you, a high-productivity service especially if you need additional man-power that does it faster, better, and error-free.

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