RCampus Standards & Outcomes

iRubric expedites the time-consuming accreditation process through automatic collection of qualitative and quantitative data directly from the source. The data is aggregated and presented in various reports for detailed analysis of student learning outcomes, key performance measures, and overall institutional effectiveness.

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Easy Rubric Alignment

Any rubric can be instantly aligned with with national, regional, and local standards so monitoring performance and overall learning outcomes is easier than ever.

The data reporting is amazing. It would take me so long to do the kind of aggregate reporting that iRubric provides to me instantly.

Outcomes-Based Reports

Course-level assessment data can be combined with program and institution level data for a holistic and true view of student learning outcomes.

Your Own Repository

With RCampus, users can build a fully customized database of national, regional, and local standards that are searchable by keyword, subject, grade level, and more.

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RCampus Standards & Outcomes are:

Internal and External

The built-in authoring tools enables users to build their own program-level or institutional standards, or import a variety of regional, professional standards directly from our database.

Flexible Organization

Each standard can be tagged with a keyword, version, subject and organized in a multi-level hierarchy for easier searching.

Collaborative Editing

The RCampus Standards & Outcomes repository are collaboratively maintained so both faculty and administrators can build a collective library that is shared across the campus.

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