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It’s All About Outcomes

RCampus offers a suite of easy-to-use, yet powerful and flexible solutions in the areas of outcomes-based and competency management, assessments and analytics, ePortfolios, learning, document management and communication.

  • The most sophisticated and versatile rubric system, plus the largest gallery of rubrics in the world
  • Multi-faceted course, program, and institutional-level outcomes assessments and reporting
  • Standards and outcomes repository and management
  • Easy-to-use reports and analytics with meaningful, real-time data
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Student competency tracking and advising
  • Integration with major LMS for data continuity over time
  • Very little training needs 
  • High level of faculty buy-in
  • Unified Document and Message Center
  • eCommunites and Groups
RCampus Analytics

RCampus Outcomes and Competencies streamlines your outcomes assessments, tracks users progress, and makes reporting painless and effortless.  Using our sophisticated rubric-assessment system, iRubric, you and your faculty will enjoy a superior user-experience in an environment with very little training needs.  You know that your institution is in good hands and in the forefronts of innovations in outcomes-based and competency-focused assessments.

RCampus iRubric: Conduct Authentic Assessments

The award-winning iRubric system is an easy-to-use yet powerful environment for performing authentic outcomes-based assessments, collecting meaningful data in real-time, and managing comprehensive reports and analytics. With data collection performed directly at the source, institutions have the ability to monitor their effectiveness at every level using aggregate and disaggregated performance reports that are fully aligned with your standards and outcomes. iRubric is also IMS Global/1EdTech Certified so it integrates with any LTI-enabled platform.

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RCampus Matrix: Track Competencies at Any Level

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RCampus Matrix

RCampus Matrices allows educators and administrators to build dynamic structures for collecting and reviewing artifacts, visually monitoring progress, and conducting outcomes-based assessments within a single platform. Evidences and assessment data are automatically available in real time, providing efficient access to summary and detailed outcomes data over a variety of criteria including courses, departments and programs. iRubric Matrix is also ideal for managing Competency Based Education (CBE).


RCampus ePortfolios: Let Students Shine

Our ePortfolio solutions facilitate the collection and management student work in a streamlined and intuitive environment. While candidates are engaged in their learning activities that help them stay on track and on time, institutions can monitor evidences of student learning and perform outcomes-based assessments.

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RCampus Standards & Outcomes: Track, Monitor, Demonstrate

RCampus ePortfolios

Our Standards and Outcomes Management System help institutions ensure that students and programs are meeting (and exceeding) expectations for a high-quality educational experience. Educators and administrators can collaboratively maintain standards, outcomes, competencies, course-objectives, etc., and align them with custom-built rubrics for meta-analysis and reporting over a variety of criteria.

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RCampus Analytics & Reports: Insights at your fingertips

Produce robust reports and eliminate time-consuming data processes with RCampus’ intuitive report generation and clear data visualization. RCampus allows you to analyze real-time data in a clear and easy-to-understand format with just a few simple clicks. Generate real-time reports of student learning over a variety of criteria including programs, courses, academic terms, and more. Reports are available in a variety of visual and tabular formats, making your outcomes and accreditation processes that much easier. 

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RCampus LMS Integration: Manage Course and Programs Outcomes Effortlessly

RCampus Enterprise

RCampus transforms your LMS into a powerful outcomes and Competency-based Education platform. Compliant with the latest LTI standards, RCampus and iRubric provide a single-sign on experience for both instructors and students. With a few clicks, instructors can provide detailed and meaningful assessments of student learning complete with feedback and supporting materials. Grades are automatically calculated and sent back to the LMS gradebook in real-time, and data for student outcomes data is instantly generated in a variety of aggregate and disaggregate reports.

Additionally, RCampus adds student competency and outcomes tracking and advising, curriculum mapping, alignment with standards and outcomes, student demographics, and program management.

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Unified Message Center: Stay Connected

The RCampus Unified Message Center serves as the central nerve center of communication within the RCampus platform, facilitating seamless, secure interactions among all users. Designed with the diverse needs of education in mind, the Message Center streamlines communication channels across various modules, including assessments, classes, assignments, groups, ePortfolios, and more. It empowers users to stay informed, collaborate effectively, and nurture a culture of engagement and transparency. With the Unified Message Center, RCampus ensures that all stakeholders can easily communicate, share updates, provide feedback, and collaborate on projects, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience for everyone involved.


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