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RCampus solutions cover a wide range of needs, from simple classroom assessments to comprehensive tools for institutional data and analytics.

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RCampus Outcomes & Competencies

RCampus Outcomes and Competencies is an innovative suite of tools for competency management, learning outcomes assessment, Structured and Showcasing ePortfolios, accreditation and evaluation processes.


RCampus iRubric: Conduct Authentic Assessments

The award-winning iRubric system is an easy-to-use yet powerful environment for performing authentic outcomes-based assessments, collecting meaningful data in real-time, and managing comprehensive reports and analytics. With data collection performed directly at the source, institutions have the ability to monitor their effectiveness at every level using aggregate and disaggregated performance reports that are fully aligned with your standards and outcomes. iRubric is also IMS Global Certified so it integrates with any LTI-enabled platform.

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RCampus Matrix: Track Competencies at Any Level

RCampus Matrices allows educators and administrators to build dynamic structures for collecting and reviewing artifacts, visually monitoring progress, and conducting outcomes-based assessments within a single platform. Evidences and assessment data are automatically available in real time, providing efficient access to summary and detailed outcomes data over a variety of criteria including courses, departments and programs. iRubric Matrix is also ideal for managing Competency Based Education (CBE).

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RCampus ePortfolios: Promote Student Competency

Our ePortfolio solutions facilitate the collection and management student work in a streamlined and intuitive environment. While candidates are engaged in their learning activities that help them stay on track and on time, institutions can monitor evidences of student learning and perform outcomes-based assessments.

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RCampus Standards & Outcomes: Ensure Educational Quality

Our Standards and Outcomes Management System help institutions ensure that students and programs are meeting (and exceeding) expectations for a high-quality educational experience. Educators and administrators can collaboratively maintain standards, outcomes, competencies, course-objectives, etc., and align them with custom-built rubrics for meta-analysis and reporting over a variety of criteria.

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RCampus Analytics & Reports: Track, Monitor, Demonstrate

Produce robust reports and eliminate time-consuming data processes with RCampus’ intuitive report generation and clear data visualization. RCampus allows you to analyze real-time data in a clear and easy-to-understand format with just a few simple clicks. Generate real-time reports of student learning over a variety of criteria including programs, courses, academic terms, and more. Reports are available in a variety of visual and tabular formats, making your outcomes and accreditation processes that much easier. 

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RCampus Learning: Manage Courses Effortlessly

Establish an online presence for your courses with RCampus Learning Management System. Our fully-featured platform lets you to manage course materials, share resources, evaluate with quizzes and grades, measure with authentic assessments, facilitate communication, and interact with students in a centralized location. Designed by educators, it has been extensively classroom-tested, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in teaching and learning activities through a secure and intuitive user-interface. RCampus is fully compliant with FERPA and along with similar privacy regulations, it provides a safe environment for students of all ages.

iRubric Gradebook

RCampus is the first LMS with built-in rubrics. By quickly creating rubrics as well as easily sharing, tracking and reporting student performance, educators can spend less time grading and more time teaching.

Tests & Quizzes

Tests and quizzes includes automatic proctoring and scoring with a number of settings to choose from. Students’ final scores are automatically entered into the gradebook.

Grade Statistics 

Easily and quickly analyze student grades with built-in reports that are generated in real-time.

Coursework Management

Coursework can be assigned a due date, points, a rubric, and can be time-released. 


Build an unlimited number of teams and include students in as many teams as needed for collaborative learning processes.