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RCampus is a suite of learning, assessment, and competency management solutions that enable educational institutions to be more efficient, provide easy access to their constituents, and gain a thorough understanding of skills and competencies.  See Our Solutions for more information.

RCampus offers three editions, RCampus Enterprise for institutional licensing, RCampus Express, a self-service, on-demand edition for smaller schools, and RCampus Personal for individual use.

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How it all started

RCampus started as a brainchild of its founder who had a personal need to online tools in managing his courses.  The vision and philosophy was to have open-access tools where any faculty or students can use on-demand and without the need to setup servers or be tied to a single institution.  A tool that students and faculty would keep for life.  Later on, with the introduction of iRubric, an open-access rubric building and sharing tool, RCampus begun a revolution in how assessment was done by introducing an outcomes-based culture of assessment globally.  iRubric currently has the largest gallery of user-generated rubrics and is growing fast.  Due to the popularity of iRubric, we receive more and more requests for expanding our assessment offerings, and became completely immersed in rubric-based evaluations with multiple offerings.  Please see a list of iRubric offering here, and a list of our solutions here.

Elegance in Simplicity

We always wanted to develop a system that required little to no training, and we have made a lot of strides in multiple areas.  For example, iRubric, our flagship assessment system, is used by thousands of new users every day who use it without a hitch, not even a single support email.  Our analytics and reports that are mostly used by administrators have also been hailed as ‘super easy’ for not requiring a user’s manual and generating exactly what the users need.  We thrive to keep our system simple and yet powerful, and will continue to do so.

Awesome Support

Our vision and philosophy has always been to make RCampus available to users, who otherwise do not have access to learning technologies.  And that cannot be accomplished if users do not receive the necessary support that they require.  As such, we have made a commitment to provide the fastest support possible, even to users who use RCampus free of charge.

Award Winning

We are proud to have RCampus recognized for its commitment to education and for its constant innovation.


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