RCampus for edTPA

Intuitive edTPA Platform

Local Assessments . Single-Click Submissions . Clear Structure

Pre-Built Templates

Ready-to-use edTPA templates with built-in rubrics, handbooks and resources for each content area. 

Quick Setup

Assign edTPA  templates to assessors and candidates with ease, and you’re all set for a great user-experience.

Fast Training

While other systems require hours of training, RCampus for edTPA sets teh standard for the shortest training sessions.


Monitor & Mentor™

Guide & Advise

Use the pre-built structure and communication tools to help candidates build the best edTPA portfolio for their content area.

Local Assessments

Perform local assessments using built-in SCALE rubrics and provide structured feedback.

Track Progress

Track progress of candidates submissions for local assessments and evaluators progress on helping candidates.

Build Quickly

Candidates can build their edTPA ePortfolios quickly, following the clear structure and built-in handbooks for their content areas


Use built-in communication tools, status notes, indicators, and structured feedback to communicate

1-Click Submissions

Submit reviewed and locally assessed portfolio to edTPA with a single click  

Meaningful Data
Reports and visualizations with “meaningfulness” in mind.

1-Click Reports

Generate reports easily and without a multi-step complicated process.

Export Data

All report data are easy to export in multiple formats and download to use in other systems.

Data Longevity

Data never expires, giving you access to historical records at any time.

Awesome Support

Our support has been constantly commended for its fast response time, best response quality, and highest level of satisfaction.

In addition, we provide Success Packages where we do the work for you, a high-productivity service especially if you need additional man-power that does it faster, better, and error-free.

About RCampus

What is RCampus

RCampus is an award-winning learning, assessment and ePortfolio tool with the most intuitive and flexible toolset for a number of applications including edTPA data and artifact collection, mentoring, local assessments, and submission for final assessments.

Why RCampus

As an approved edTPA Platform Provider, RCampus enables students, faculty, site supervisors, and administrators to easily collect and organize artifacts, perform internal assessments and guide candidates to produce high quality results to submit to edTPA for final assessment.

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Flexible Licensing

RCampus offers multiple options including SaaS/Cloud, on-premise, and fully-managed and hosted virtual dedicated instances.

Custom Solutions

We work very closely with you for the best solution, services and pricing.  Ask us about our popular Success Packages.

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