iRubric LTI

iRubric for LTI-Enabled Platforms 

One Rubric System For Any LMS

iRubric, the largest gallery of rubrics in the world, is a comprehensive rubric grading and analytics system. The award-winning iRubric seamlessly integrates with your LMS via LTI for a smooth grading experience.

Compliant with LTI Outcomes, iRubric provides a single-sign on experience for both instructors and students. With a few clicks, instructors can provide detailed and meaningful assessments of student learning complete with feedback and supporting materials. Grades are automatically calculated and sent back to the LMS gradebook in real-time, and data for student outcomes data is instantly generated in a variety of aggregate and disaggregate reports.

Additionally, students can view the rubric to learn about expectations prior to submitting their work, submit their work directly in iRubric, and view their grades and feedback in high details. With course, program, and institutional level analytics at your fingertips, your institution will always have a pulse on student learning outcomes, competencies, and progress in alignment with standards.