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iRubric Global Gallery Reaches 500,000 Rubrics

The largest online repository of rubrics now has more than half a million rubrics

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IRVINE, Calif.Feb. 10, 2016PRLog — Reazon Systems, Inc., a leading provider of education technologies, today announced that there are more than 500,000 rubrics added to the iRubric Global Gallery. iRubric has made it possible for content of thousands of rubrics to remain over a long period of time. It also makes public rubrics available to use to millions of educators and students. Rubric number 500,000 is the 10th generation of a rubric called “Guidelines for scoring a standalone expository paragraph” which was originally added to the iRubric Gallery back in 2007.

iRubric started a revolution in education by making rubrics readily available to millions of users. iRubric innovations paved the road for thousands of institutions to introduce a culture of rubric-based and outcomes- / standards-based assessments to their constituents, during a time when institutions were required to move into a competency-based assessment model. iRubric was introduced as a part of the RCampus project, the first Learning Management System with built-in rubrics for assessments. iRubric is now a mature rubric-based assessment system with easy-to-use analytics engines. iRubric addresses a variety of assessment needs from grading within its native gradebook or LTI-enabled Learning Management Systems, ad-hoc rubric-based assessments, batch assessments of a large number of artifacts, and a highly structured competency-management model for long-term, portfolio-based assessment needs.

“We are excited to announce this milestone,” said Ramesh Sabetiashraf, the CEO of Reazon Systems, Inc. “It’s been a long and rewarding journey to introduce rubrics to thousands of institutions. When we first designed iRubric, we expected users to add a few hundred rubrics over time as a part of our new assessment system. That estimate was quickly surpassed as iRubric turned into a phenomenon for its ease-of-use and power of collaboration. Today, iRubric houses over 500,000 rubrics that are used by millions of educators and professionals worldwide.”

To inquire about iRubric Assessment System or to have your institution’s own rubric gallery, contact info@rcampus.com.

About iRubric
iRubric is an award-winning Assessment and Standards Management System which enables the capturing of key performance data directly in the classroom, while providing detailed feedback to students as well as real-time analysis capability to educators and administrators. iRubric’s powerful and easy-to-use interface allows administrators to instantly aggregate and analyze student performance data and generate learning outcomes assessment reports, a key component for accreditation needs.

About Reazon Systems, Inc.
Reazon Systems, Inc., the maker of iRubric and RCampus, is a software technology company specializing in the transformation of complex and time-consuming instructional, assessment and content management processes into robust and user-friendly experiences. Its flagship product is RCampus Education Management System which includes the iRubric Assessment System as well as RCampus Competency Management and RCampus ePortfolios and Learning Management Systems. To learn more about Reazon and the RCampus product-line, visit http://www.RCampus.com.

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