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iRubric Enhancements 2023-24

Following is a list of main enhancements in iRubric Rapid and iRubric LMS integration and related reports and analytics.¬† iRubric Rapid Enhancements: Consensus & Moderated Assessments¬† Assessments can now be moderated by one or more raters that indicate a final decision. Linking Items to Students Assessment items can be manually […]

Benefits of RCampus Curriculum Maps:

RCampus curriculum maps offer a robust solution for tracking student competencies within a given program, providing higher education administrators, faculty and students with valuable insights into student progress. Here’s how RCampus facilitates the tracking of student competencies: By combining curriculum mapping, rubric-based assessment, and data analytics, RCampus empowers institutions to […]

Benefits of Curriculum Maps

A curriculum map is a valuable tool for higher education administrators and faculty, fostering a structured and comprehensive approach to academic planning. Its benefits include: Curriculum maps play a crucial role in enhancing educational quality, ensuring alignment with objectives, promoting collaboration, and supporting data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement in higher […]