iRubric Enhancements 2023-24

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Following is a list of main enhancements in iRubric Rapid and iRubric LMS integration and related reports and analytics. 

iRubric Rapid Enhancements:

Consensus & Moderated Assessments 

Assessments can now be moderated by one or more raters that indicate a final decision.

Linking Items to Students

Assessment items can be manually or programmatically linked to students for further needs such as demographics reports.

Linking to Assignments

Linking to assignments helps populating iRubric Rapid folders directly from assignments and submissions.  Also helps facilitators to refresh/reload submissions at an time during the assessment process.  Additionally, it automatically links to students which improves the quality of reports.


LMS Integration Enhancements:

Multi-Rater Assessments with Rubrics

In our standard rubric-assessment model for assignments, multiple raters assess on the same copy of the rubric assessment, i.e. each rater continues the work of the last one.  By enabling multi-rater assessments in the settings, instructors can add additional assessments to the same assignment in a true multi-rater fashion, i.e. each rater performs a separate assessment and their work is saved separately.  Instructors can then choose which assessment (the standard or multi-rater) is used for issuing grades.

Peer Assessments with Rubrics

Instructors can now enable peer assessments in addition to student self-assessment in any assignment.  Peer assessments are a part of our multi-rater assessment module.

External Evaluators

Instructors can invite external evaluators to specific assignments.  Those evaluators will not need access to the full course and can only engage in the assessment of students in a single assignment.

Secondary Assessments

Perform secondary assessments on student submissions with or without their involvement.

Student Demographics

Import student demographics data for added reporting and monitoring benefits.

Grade Mapping to Outcomes

Map any grades to one or more outcomes and include them in competency grids and dashboards.

Student Competencies & CBE

Additional enhancements in student competency tracking and CBE including enhancements in curriculum mapping and reports.


Enhancements in Canvas Integration:

Student Submission Retrieval & Assessments

Easily retrieve student submission from Canvas.  Use them in assessment of assignments or funnel them to iRubric Rapid folders and competency matrices for additional assessment options.

Control Publishing & Grade Postback

Control how assignments are published in RCampus regardless of Canvas publishing, allow/block students access from RCampus rubrics, and control whether grades are posted back to Canvas gradebook.

Behind-the-scenes Assessments

Perform assessments without student involvement and access.  For example, assess students on GenEd outcomes by course instructors or outside raters.


Reporting & Analytics:

Student Demographics

Student demographics are now included in more reports and analytics.  Filter by demographics categories and include demographics information in final reports.

Student Competency Dashboard

Multiple changes in student competency dashboard including enhancement to performance algorithm, additional performance computations, additional data, and data export functionality

Mapping Grades with Outcomes

Enhancements on consolidating mapped outcomes with rubric assessments.

Assessment Types (Formative, Summative, etc.)

Automated decision making based on mappings and assessment types (formative, summative, etc).

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