Personal Edition

RCampus_Personal_Edition_01_620x250Personal Edition provides instant access to an intuitive environment with a variety of tools designed to streamline teaching, learning, collaboration and self-publishing tools.

RCampus Personal Edition is designed for individual teachers and instructors who want to bring their classrooms, assessments, and resources into one convenient place. With RCampus, you can build multimedia class portals and personal websites, manage student rosters, collect student work and publish grades thru gradebook, manage assignments, build rubrics, copy and distribute assignments across multiple classes, communicate with students through a secure unified messaging system, and more. Premium Upgrades offer features such as online grading with rubrics, multi-teacher classrooms, and grade statistics, tests & quizzes, advanced editing options, and more. (See FAQ)

RCampus is appropriate for all age groups, from Kindergarten to higher education, with special attention made to privacy and safety of our members.

Build your account today and enjoy it for life.

To adopt RCampus for your institution,

visit RCampus Enterprise or RCampus Express Edition.

Benefits of RCampus Personal Edition

Free  Access Anytime

Our tools are web-based, there’s nothing to download or install. Create an account today and start using our tools instantly!

Easy  Easy and Quick

Save time with our intuitive toolset to streamline your teaching and learning needs. We are our own users, so we’ve designed our system to be easy-to-use. You can quickly build courses and classes, websites, ePortfolios, rubrics, and much more.

Secure  Highly Secure

To protect the privacy of both faculty and students, we take extra measures to provide a highly secure environment and do not share, publish, or sell any personal or confidential data.

Collaborative  Collaborative

Students and faculty can collaborate in a number of ways, through communication tools within their courses, websites, communities, and ePortfolios, to collaboration on building and sharing content.

Life-long  Life-Long

Build for free – Keep forever.

Lifelong learning: We have the tools so you never stop teaching or learning beyond your school years and throughout your professional life.

Lifelong access: Never lose access to your work from anywhere. Keep your website, ePortfolios and content forever.

Comprehensive  Comprehensive

Do all your work within a single login – whether it is managing your courses and academic work, or collaboration and networking with others.

Cross-Campus  Cross-Campus

Build cross-campus clubs and groups, teach or learn at multiple schools using a single system.

User-Centric  User-Centric

Our tools are truly user-centric – you are in control. Our intuitive interface also allows access to all related tools seamlessly from any single location.

Build your account today and enjoy it for life.

To adopt RCampus for your institution,

visit RCampus Enterprise or RCampus Express Edition.