Enterprise Edition


Enterprise Edition is the preferred environment for organizations that require advanced features and full control of a customizable system. This edition gives school administrators the necessary tools to monitor progress and activities of students, educators and departments, enabling easy measurement of learning outcomes according to various standards.

This edition is available to K-12 and higher education institutions of any size through flexible licensing and hosting plans customized to meet the needs of any organization.

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Benefits of RCampus Enterprise Edition

Free  Flexible Licensing

RCampus offers various licensing, hosting and cloud options to meet every need and every budget.

Easy  Easy-to-Use

Save time with our intuitive toolset to streamline your teaching and learning needs. We are our own users, so we’ve designed our system to be easy-to-use. You can quickly build courses and classes, websites, ePortfolios, rubrics, and much more.

Secure  Highly Secure

To protect the privacy of both faculty and students, we take extra measures to provide a highly secure environment and do not share, publish, or sell any personal or confidential data.

Collaborative  Collaborative

Students and faculty can collaborate in a number of ways, through communication tools within their courses, websites, communities, and ePortfolios, to collaboration on building and sharing content.

Turnkey  Turnkey

RCampus solutions are quick to implement, train, and start using.

Comprehensive  Comprehensive

Do all your work within a single login – whether it is managing your courses and academic work, or collaboration and networking with others.

Scalable  Scalable

Start small and expand per your institution needs.

User-Centric User-Centric

Our tools are truly user-centric – users are in control. Our intuitive interface also allows access to all related tools seamlessly from any single location.

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