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Highly Available

iRubric Gallery for Institutions is a highly available, turn-key solution that will stay with you forever, through the ever-changing technologies and pedagogies.

Industry leader

iRubric has empowered millions of educators with better understanding of rubrics, better access to proper rubric development, and has lead the industry in higher adoption of rubric-based assessments.

At your Control

A gallery at your control and for your specific institution’s needs.  Organize rubrics at a central location, manage rubrics and categorize them to fit your needs, and allow multiple authors.

Why iRubric Institutional Gallery


iRubric doesn’t need training.  Hundreds of thousands of rubrics have been built and shared using iRubric Public Gallery without any training.  But if you need training, we’re here to help.


By providing lots of samples and an easy-to-use platform, iRubric has been instrumental in helping promote a culture of rubric literacy and outcomes-based assessments in institutions around the world.

Time Saving

Build highly-impactful rubrics in matter of minutes.  Develop your rubrics with the help of millions of rubric descriptors and criteria at your finger-tips with our easy Suggestion tool.

About iRubric Gallery

What is iRubric Gallery

iRubric Gallery is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and versatile rubric development and sharing tool that every institution should have.

Rubrics are categorized by subject and activity type as well as grade level with a built-in search engine to find rubric within the institution or in our massive gallery of rubrics to import from.

Use iRubric Gallery To:

  • Make rubric building a breeze with hundreds of thousands of samples
  • Promote a culture of rubric literacy and assessment
  • Help faculty develop rubrics by example from others
  • Share among your faculty, programs
  • Keep rubrics available forever among your changing LMS, ePortfolio and assessment systems
  • Build consistency across courses and programs
  • Access to over 800,000 rubrics and millions of criteria choices and descriptors

What others say about iRubric

iRubric is the easiest rubric wizard tool I have ever used. The wizard is intuitive and the staff is very open to feedback. The tool adapts easily to some of the large and complex rubrics I have used with it.
Ross Durrer, School of Education, Indiana University
iRubrics is a great platform which allows academic programs to align assessment rubrics with school and university wide Learning Goals and Aims.
– Salvatore A. Lenzo, MBA, PMP, Director, Information Systems, Sellinger School of Business, Loyola University Maryland

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is iRubric Gallery?
iRubric Gallery is a place to share and learn from each other. It is a repository of rubrics made by users and shared for others to use or simply find examples. iRubric Gallery is nicely categorized to help users easily find rubrics of their interest, and to share rubrics. The iRubric Global Gallery is a premier shared area with hundreds of thousands of rubrics.
What is an "institutional" iRubric Gallery?
An Institutional iRubric Gallery is a place for an institution to share rubrics within the institution and for its users to find their rubrics easily. Rubrics in an institutional gallery are not shared in our public Global Gallery.
Can we brand the Institutional Gallery with our logo?
Absolutely. You can add your own logo, links, and custom pages for additional information.
Is training available?
We offer training sessions as well as customized training. Contact us to schedule your training sessions. Note that iRubric Gallery is by far one of the easiest tools in the world. Hundreds of thousands of rubrics have been created without any training.
We need a lot of rubrics, can you build them for us?
Yes, we can. Please contact us for details.
Are there any samples to get our institutional users started?
There are hundreds of thousands of samples. We can add some of them to your institutional gallery as starting point, or you can easily import them from the iRubric Global Gallery.
Can we assess student work using iRubric?
Absolutely. iRubric offers a comprehensive rubric assessment and competency management, and outcomes-based reporting system. You will need an upgrade from iRubric Gallery to your choice of iRubric assessment offerings listed in the comparison table above. Please feel free to contact us for a demo of iRubric and its power and ease-of-use. iRubric can save your instition or program a huge amount of time in performing assessments and generating live, real-time data reports.
Can iRubric align with our outcomes and standards?
Yes, it can. You would need an upgrade from basic iRubric Gallery to use the alignment and other features beyond building and sharing rubrics.